What are the functions of Triple-A’s dashboard?

Your Triple-A dashboard allows you to view and manage all types of transactions, request payments via our invoicing tool, manage users, and more. Learn more about each function below.

Tracking Transactions and Account Reconciliation 

      • Merchants can track all transactions made. You can export your transaction history as a .CSV file.
      • You will also be able to track the transaction hash, date, time, status, crypto and fiat amount of each transaction.


      • Send invoices via your account dashboard to make a payment request to your customers.

Customise your payment form

      • Change the company name, logo and colour on the payment form sent to users.

Customise your payment options

      • Select the cryptocurrencies that you would like to accept.

Make crypto payouts

      • Send cryptocurrencies to others. 
      • Note: Please contact support@triple-a.io to get the payout activated

Manage users

      • Add multiple users under the same merchant account with different access functions.


Any questions? Please reach out to support@triple-a.io. We will be more than happy to assist.